Release 2.2

Free update with loads of new functions

June 15, 2019, by Marius Zwicker

Stagehand Live 2, Version 2.2 is available for download as free update today. Included is a lot of exciting new features:

Play video (Youtube)

Official support for Linux

We are proud to be among the few providers of video software, which officially support the Linux operating system. After launching the public beta test back in December, we now offer Stagehand Live on Linux to everybody. Except for platform specific technologies, all features are available on Linux just the same as they are on macOS. A detailed list of all features can be found on our pricing table.

New prices

In order to answer community requests, we have revisited our licensing structure. Lesser used features have been moved in to the respective higher edition. This allows us to lower the price tags on all editions overall.

Owners of a license for the ‘Standard Edition’ that was purchased before June 15th 2018 can contact us to receive a free upgrade to the ‘Unlimited edition’. Please make sure to include a copy of your receipt with your inquiry.

In case the purchase of a permanent license is still no viable choice for you, we also offer a subscription based model for the ‘Unlimited Edition’ now. You can subscribe to the full set of features for one week or one month at a time. An overview of provided choices is given on ourpricing table.

Variable rates

Variable rate in version 2.2

The replay speed of files can now be invidually adjusted. This means there is nothing preventing you from perfectly tuning your loops to the groove of the band on your stage. In order to reduce stutter during slow replay we also added new features for interpolation. In case Stagehand Live is rendering at a different rate than the source, intermediate frames will be generated automatically. This allows for smooth replay on the big screen at all times.

Support for MIDI devices

MIDI in version 2.2

In addition to the existing set of protocols we can now support control by MIDI devices as well. That way you can simply attach existing USB based controllers to your media server and link them to trigger Stagehand Live. Very convenient in case there is no fully blown lighting desk available or viable.

A list of all supported control protocols can be found on the Page for our ‘QuickTouch’ features.

Reworked sequencer

Cue options in version 2.2

We did a major rework of the sequencer features. The result is not only an improved presentation of single cues but several new options as well:

  • Limit the duration of a single Cue independent from its source
  • Automatically jump onto the next Cue, as soon as the current Cue has played to the end
  • Select infinite replay of the whole sequencer
  • Random or sequential replay order of Cues

QuickTouch: A UI readjusted for touch screens

QuickTouch in version 2.2

We adjusted the entire UI to work well for touch control. In addition to resizing several of the controls, there is now also virtual keyboards for entering names, titles or times.

This also shows with the new QuickTouch features: Stagehand Live gained support to directly adjust the cropped source area of a camera just by using a few gestures. This brings a complete new way to use your camera. Instead of delegating a camera to each talent in the band, all you need is one high def camera covering the entire stage. Using the generated signal, Stagehand Live can generate individual close ups. In case the talent is moving across the stage, the viewport can be readjusted with a flick of your finger. This is increasing flexibility while lowering effort and cost for wiring and hardware.

Apple, the Apple logo, Mac and macOS are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries and regions. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc. We are making use of several libraries that are maintained by the Open Source community. A full list of these libraries can be found on our attributions page.

by: Marius Zwicker
I am the creator of Stagehand Live. I also work as light and media operator at small concerts. Always with the goal to help the talent give a great performance.

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