Preview every detail of your layers. Pixel perfect or scaled for a better overview.

The final show output of Stagehand Live is composed out of individual layers. The multiview area gives an overview over all layers contributing to your current show. This enables you to always see the state and content of each of your individual layers at a glance. All layers will automatically be arranged in a grid that expands to the space you allocate for the multiview. When hovering over a layer, more details will show.

Multiview Grid

Looking at the grid as a whole gives a good impression of what is currently being processed by the server. You will also be able to identify and change the currently selected layer for use in other areas such as the effects inspector or main preview.


Layer Details

The top bar of each layer is always visible and provides an overview of the basic attributes of a layer. This includes its size, position and opacity. The top right will also give indications for the source status and configuration as well as selected effects. Hover with your mouse over a layer to see more in depth information.

Layer Details

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