Conveniently manage all of your assets. For quick access during a show.

Some of your assets were especially created for use in a single show. And some of your assets were collected over time searching public archives, buying from content creators or maybe even created by yourself. All of these hours spent in preparation for delivering the perfect content at every moment in your show. But what if you have all that great content collected but cannot find it quickly enough when you truly need it?


Stagehand Live can help you to solve this problem. It virtually does not matter how many files you have, all of them can be imported and neatly organized. On first import as an asset, each file will be analyzed and automatically be tagged based on its metadata such as pixel size or aspect ratio. Later on you can manually add additional keywords yourself. Each of the assets can be uniquely identified using an id so that it an be referenced in other parts of the system such as external control systems.

Asset Details


Assets can be grouped in folder structures. In addition to that, each keyword yields a virtual folder that can be used to quickly see all assets that were tagged with the given keyword.

Asset Tree


You can use all of this information to quickly find the asset you want via the global search function. Using the scrubbing preview, you can verify that you found the right clip. No need to keep a spare layer around just for validation. When you are sure about the selected clip, simply drag it to a layer for instant usage.

Thumbnail Preview


The import of files is handled via Drag’n Drop. Just drag your files from the Finder to the area of the asset library. Stagehand Live will be processing the import in the background. You can continue to use the application in the meantime. The current import status is always visible from the message area.

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