Prepare sets of content and adjustments. Recall with the click of a button.

You can access all of your media quickly by using the builtin library feature. Still there is times when you may actually want to prepare a selection of media, inputs or still images to follow the script of a show.

Sequencers allow you to store an ordered list of cues. Each sequencer applies to one layer at a time and can be triggered independently. That way you can for example prepare one sequencer that contains a selection of background media for each song in a show. And have another sequencer for spotlight content such as overlays or live inputs.

Sequencer Overview


Cues define a source and the linked replay behavior. This means that you can configure what happens to the source when the cue is activated. The source can e.g. automatically be rewound or kept on pause until the layer holding the active cue is faded to an output. Similar to library entries, cues can be uniquely identified via an id for reference in external control systems. This enables you to e.g. quickly select and adjust your content inside Stagehand Live while you trigger it from the same desk used to recall stored lighting scenes.

Cue Overview

In addition to defining a source, each cue also stores layer adjustments and selected effects. They will be applied to the layer when the cue is activated. That way cues may share the same same source but apply different effects and adjustments, switching e.g. between full and halfscreen or color and black and white pictures.

Adjustment editor