Use content from a variety of sources. Both live and on disk.

Prerecorded Material

You can use a dozen of different formats directly from within Stagehand Live. Simply drag a file in a supported format onto a layer to load it. Drop it into a sequencer to add a new cue. Or drag it over the library for importing and tagging the file permanently.

Supported Picture Formats

Format Extension
JPEG Images .jpg, .jpeg
Portable Network Graphics .png
Scalable Vector Graphics .svg
Tagged Image File Format .tiff
Graphics Interchange Format .gif
Bitmap .bmp

Supported Movie Formats

The supported bitrates and resolutions depend heavily on your hardware. We generally recommend to use Hap or MJPEG encoded movies for best performance.

Container Extension
AVI (Audio Video Interleaved) .avi
MP4 (MPEG-4 Part 14) .mp4
raw MPEG-4 video .mv4
QuickTime / MOV .mov

Note: Audio channels are not supported. In case audio is contained in a movie file, it will simply be ignored.

Decoder Format
hap Vidvox Hap
mjpeg MJPEG (Motion JPEG)
  All codecs supported by macOS’ AVFoundation

Live Content

You can also access external video sources in order to include live action video into your show. Likewise it is also possible to send the composed Stagehand Live output or individual layers to other systems.

Type Input Output Comment
Syphon yes - macOS only, see
CITP/MSEX - yes Output resolution limited, see
SDI yes - Blackmagic DeckLink device required (DeckLink, UltraStudio or Intensity devices)
HDMI yes - Blackmagic DeckLink device required (DeckLink, UltraStudio or Intensity devices)
NewTek NDI® yes yes See
NDI® is a registered trademark of NewTek, Inc.
Devices supported by AVFoundation yes - macOS only, expect some latency. As a rule of thumb, if a camera works in QuickTime or FaceTime, it will work in Stagehand Live as well.

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